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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Not So Hard To Believe...

I just sent this email out to the congressman who claim to represent me regarding the new federal budget:

The latest federal budget is out of control. The government can barely control the parts of the country it's in charge of currently, and the new budget represents an unprecedented increase in government intervention in all parts of Americans' daily life. I do not support the federalized health care authorized in the budget. I do not support the "cap and trade" boondoggle described in the budget. I do not support the increased aid to distressed homeowners described in the budget. I do not support the national food tracking provision that is included in the bill. I do not support a national "public service" system that will no doubt become mandatory in the future. I certainly do not support a universal pre-kindergarten system- the idea of MANDATORY institutionalization of such young children genuinely frightens me. I am also angry that the Democrats are threatening to use the 50-vote reconciliation procedure to get this budget passed if Republicans don't support it.

These provisions are a thinly veiled attempt at greater federal control over every aspect of daily life. This budget plan will not stimulate the economy, and on the contrary has the Congressional Budget Office estimating that the national debt will rise to 82% of the national economy by 2019. You do not have my consent to vote for this bill, and to support it represents a complete lack of conscience toward your constituents, and furthermore, a total disregard of the Constitution which you have sworn to uphold as a Congressman.

The fact that Washington thinks they can get away with a budget proposal like this one is proof of their disrespect toward the people. The fact that it actually has a chance of passing proves that the Constitution is worthless.

Thoughts of civil war seem less and less ridiculous every day.

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