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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Downsize D.C. is one of my favorite sites on the web, and in honor of its greatness, I've applied a nice banner to the blog shamelessly plugging the "Read The Bills Act." If you support not being an idiot, I suggest you take a look.

The site makes it very easy to send messages to your Representative and Senators supporting small government and civil liberties issues. I use it all the time and it's one way to say "I did something" about issues you think are important. It's a great resource and their newsletter is well-written and very informative about bad legislation that are ignored by the news networks.

I also use to send messages, as I've found that I get a sooner reply from my Rep and Senators. Plus I can send emails to Mr. President, for what it's worth!

I encourage anyone who is passionate about these issues to check these sites out.

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  1. Two posts in one day? Don't wear yourself out bud.

    Speaking of Downsize: I've gotten two responses on the Stim Bill in the last couple days (Specter and Casey). Doing their best to convince me that it was really necessary and promising to 'effectively' spend our tax dollars. Of course I could spend mine better. They shouldn't be so worried about how many condoms people are buying, I got it covered :-P.

    I did realize a bit of irony in all this though. It's not really our tax dollars, since it's all being borrowed. More like our kid's tax dollars. I guess they only like to keep one kind of green out of future generations hands.